Reign in blood by Slayer

Wanting to die is a reason to live

-Tom Araya

Considered the most heavy album of all time. For satan’s sake necrophobic has a tempo of 250BPM

Who needs accelas when you have Reign in blood? this half an hour can accelerate an normal human’s heart by 100BPM.

Altough the songs are kinda repettive and you gotta love Slayer a lot to listen to this album without taking breaks. Every song is very cool. and every guitar solo is a fucking breakdown

The drums are legendary and excellent.

I really like the vocals. Specially the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAs:

Although the songs without screams are very good. I don’t think this album has a single bad song.


Favorite song: idk, probably Criminally insane, postmortem/raining blood or Agressive Perfector