Trying programming languages

I think that Perl is the greatest programming language the world has ever known (C and Lisp are also). But since I need a job and companies are stupid I learn a more used programming language.

My thoughts so far were trying Rust:

The ‘offical’ refference is “The Rust Programming Language”

The book was pretty good, the language seemed interesting and all, but then:

The fucking book wants me to setup the equivalent to (and to continue learning rust. That’s sucks. So I stopped with Rust.

>Try Golang!

Go back to grave, Uriel

I tried reading How To Design Programs

HTDP is SICP but for brainlets (like me)

It uses Racket as it learning how a computer works language (Instead of Scheme). The book is pretty cool, more user friendly than sicp (by far). But stopped reading when it literally wanted me to (display) a bitmap: