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I'm a (hacker|cyberspace warrior|cyberpunk) from the internet, which means that i like computers

The name qorg was taken from "xorg" and the 11 was taken from X11. I also go for the name "xalloc xzal", xalloc comes from malloc() but with the x that was stolen from xorg, xzal does not mean anything, but i wanted it to be hard to pronunce. so that's it. I can also go for "the Flatline" but i've never used that.

My politics are basically this

My other interests are philosophy, maths, history and probably others.

My music taste is weird, I like everything but easy listening music (mainstream, to be exact) My favoire genres are rock, metal, chiptune, punk, oi!... (all subgenres basically), my favorite bands are Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Burzum, Death, Eskorbuto, Extremoduro, Non Servium, DRI, Dead Kennedys, Kraken, Pantera... At least in "heavy" music, i also enjoy Aphex Twin, boards of canada, echochamber...

Thanks to...